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The S Refine GmbH & Co KG stands for perfection in the innovative realization of your surfaces. We offer modern concepts, novel techniques and experience of master craftsmen and specialists. The implementation of your projects at the highest level is in the best hands with us. An extensive counseling, loyalty and secrecy are for us just as natural as a close contact with the customer during and after the project.


Our focus is on the contemporary refinement with sheet metal, such as gold leaf, electroplating processes, also in custom sizes and chemical metal spraying (CSM) in the interior and exterior for industrial installations, fairs, architects and construction projects, as well as the construction of single parts of course also for individuals. In each area we set ourselves the highest standards for your surfaces.

Through our collaboration with handpicked companies we manufacture also new articles for you.
If you have any defects with your exclusive objects, feel free to contact us for touch-up work. These include not only metal, but also wood, marble. high gloss coatings, furniture and leather. Again, we work with top specialists and are in use worldwide.

Take some time and get inspired on our web site from the many possibilities and discover the world of high-end finishes.

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S-Refine GmbH & Co KG
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