Gold leaf

Modern traditions

No other metal has ever fascinated people as pure gold. We use the ancient tradition of quality design and combine the history with modernity.
The glitter of gold connects humankind with admiration and immortality. Gold is a timeless symbol of love and elegance, beauty and immortality. The leaf gilding is mostly still a craft that was hardly affected or altered by technical innovations, so that the continuity of this craftsmanship is noticeable and continues to live even in the individual steps. Yet we use modern techniques adapted to the wishes of our customers, especially in yachts, airplanes and villas. 
The craftsmanship and the master training is complemented by creativity, experience and passion by working with gold. So it claimes its place in the modern world and has lost none of its original charm.
This goal has the company S-Refine GmbH & Co. KG made ​​its claim. Through the professional applying of the old techniques we are able to combine the legendary enthusiasm for this noble material with the spirit of the craft in a world of fast pace and to convey this resistance as a way of life to our customers.
We offer in the field of leaf gilding indoors and outdoors all common technique, such as water gilding, oil gilding, behind glass and waxgilding, but also more modern systems based on acrylate. Of course, we can process each sheet metal, this also includes various gold alloys, silver, palladium, white gold , aluminium, copper and brass.