Objects without intrinsic color

Our second focus is the professional, highly glossy mirroring-technique that we can apply to almost any surfaces. For this, we use the chemical metal spraying (CMS process).
With our highly developed CMS process, we can metallize your objects of virtually any size and shape with the purest silver. The process takes place in a specially designed and built mirroring clean room.
By this method we can process your surfaces of the highest quality and give them a completely new character. Not only decorative, but also technically functional areas can be arranged with the CMS technique inexpensively. Conductivity or anti-bacterial functions are possible. As a protection against oxidation and mechanical damage usually the surfaces are provided with a high-quality, UV - resistant clear coat. It can also be colored in order to produce so-called candy coatings as desired. By the addition of dyes to the lacquer, we can obtain aluminum, gold, copper, bronze and other metal and alloy effects.
This method is especially applicable to:

  • Mirror Industry
  • Decorations
  • Prototyping / Design
  • Toys (our clearcoat meets the DIN EN 71-3 )
  • Shop fitting and exhibition stands
  • Automotive industry
  • Art and single production
  • and much more

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