touch up / refitting

Perfect touch up


Especially when installing high-quality surfaces and interiors in your aircraft, your yacht or villa inevitably damages happen.
Often a renewed removal of surfaces for repair is not possible or connected with immense costs. For this reason we offer repairs on wood, high gloss finishes, veneer, furniture, marble, leather or metal. Even gold leaf or electrolytically machined surfaces we can repair (in most cases). And at your site.

If any parts cannot to be repaired on site, they can be made by us in our company or suitable partners again, of course. Where others reach their limits, we usually start at first. So do not hesitate to contact us if scratches, cracks, flaking or missing corners have long been a thorn in the side.

We are working together in this area with completely trustworthy and discreet partners who have the highest level over-year experience.